How to Paint An Interior Wall The Best Way

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Painting an interior wall can be a difficult task for even the most experienced painters. Things can get complicated quickly, from gathering the right materials to ensuring the room is protected from splatter paint. 

If you use the wrong products, you could be left with a paint job that you’ll have to redo. If you don’t prepare your surfaces properly, paint could peel prematurely and cost you time and money to repair.  

Fortunately, we at Peach Painting are here to help. We’ve combined our top tips for painting an interior wall in the best way into an easy guide for DIYers and those interested in the painting process. 

At the end of the day, we recommend leaving the interior painting to the professionals, but it can be a fun project to take on in smaller spaces. In this article, we’ll cover how to paint an interior wall. This way, you can take control of your interior painting project and get pointers from the experts. 

Interior Painting Preparation 

The most important phase of this process is preparation. How well you clean, prime, and sand the surface before painting will be a major determining factor in the quality of your interior paint job. The preparation process can become extensive, from gathering the right materials to ensuring your interior wall is in the best condition for a new coat. 

Start by gathering the proper materials. You’ll need your paint, brushes, tape, rollers, drop cloths, and primer, among other things. You’ll also need specialty tools to help hone in on the details of your project. 

Specialty tools may include: 

  • A paint can opener
  • Putty knife to patch holes in the wall
  • Sanding sponge to smooth rough areas
  • Cleaner to remove old paint and coatings on the wall 
  • A ladder to reach 

Begin by covering the surrounding area and floors with drop cloths so that they don’t get paint on them. You will then need to clean the walls and inspect them for any imperfections or nail holes. Any gaps should be filled with caulk or spackle and then sanded once they are dry.

Once this is complete, use painter’s tape to tape off the baseboards to create precise edges for painting and protect areas near the floor. Finally, cover the cleaned area in a primer and allow it to dry completely. 


Once you’ve prepared the space and primed the wall, it’s time to begin painting. Here are the key steps for a quality interior painting process: 

  • Mix paint in a large tub to ensure you are working with a uniform color.
  • Paint trim before the walls.
  • Roll out the paint before it dries to ensure consistency. 
  • Paint from the outside in.

When painting an interior wall, it’s best to use a brush to outline windows and sections requiring extra care. These can include space above the trim and corners. These areas will likely dry first, which can result in a slightly different shade of paint if you have applied too much of the product. 

To avoid this, you can leave a wet edge to paint along. Then, use your roller to roll out those areas before the paint dries. This allows you to paint from the outside in and keep the amount of paint applied consistent, which helps with uniform color.

Continue to use the roller to paint in larger sections and complete your wall. When using the roller to paint, submerge it into the paint generously and use it on the wall until it appears to have dried out. This will prevent excess product application and help with consistency. 

In conclusion, painting an interior wall the best way will largely depend on your preparation of the surface and the consistency with which you apply the product. An expertly primed and cleared surface will prevent a blotchy application. An even application will have uniform color results once dry. You’ve got the tools to do it yourself, but if it seems complicated, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Peach Painting. 

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