When Is the Best Time To Paint the Exterior of a House?

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Painting the exterior of your house can help you enhance its curb appeal, increase home value, and even offer protection against the weather. At the same time, you’re investing time, money, and effort, so you’ll want to make sure you’re doing it at an appropriate time. Otherwise, you’ll encounter problems, like peeling, cracking, or drying too fast.

Painting at the wrong temperature and humidity will then put your resources to waste. Thus, you might be wondering “When is the best time to paint the exterior of a house?”

At Peach Painting, we aim to help you maximize your investment. That is why in this article, we’ll talk about the best time of the year to paint the exterior of a house, the ideal temperature, mistakes that should be avoided, and more.

What Is the Best Time of the Year to paint the exterior of a house?

In general, early summer and early fall are the best times to perform exterior painting. This is because rain is at a minimum, and temperature fluctuations between day and night are minimal too.

As a result, there’s enough time for the paint to dry and cure well. However, each season can mean different things. Hence, it’s best to choose days that have the best weather conditions instead of focusing on the season.

What Is the Ideal Temperature?

According to Consumer Reports, the ideal temperature for exterior painting is at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it shouldn’t go below 32 degrees Fahrenheit for multiple days.

If it’s warm during the day, but the temperature becomes too low at night, the paint won’t cure properly. Surfaces will have dew, and the water in the paint tends to evaporate real slow.

As a result, the paint won’t hold up in the long run, and it’s prone to cracking. Mildew and stains can also be a problem because of the moisture and colder temperature.

The temperature range varies depending on the type of paint, however. For instance, the ideal temperature for latex paint is between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, a suitable temperature for oil-based paint ranges from 45 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Long Will It Take for Exterior Paint To Dry?

The length of time needed for paint to dry usually depends on the kind of paint that is being applied. On the paint’s label, you may see the estimated drying time.

  • Latex paints: Compared to oil-based paints, latex paints dry faster. The first coat is no longer wet after just an hour, and in about four hours, it’s already dry enough to apply another coat.
  • Oil-based paints: You’ll need between six and eight hours for oil-based paints to dry. Moreover, you’ll have to wait 24 hours before you can apply the next coat.

Humidity and temperature are also relevant factors that determine the actual drying time.

How Long Do Exterior House Painting Jobs Last?

When applying paint to the exterior of a house, you’ll want to make the most out of the investment. So, how long does the paint last?

The answer varies according to multiple factors, such as:

  • The quality of the last painting job
  • The material of the exterior of the house
  • Type of paint used in the last painting project
  • How is the exterior of the house is maintained
  • Local climate

You can also benefit from the following guidelines:

  • Paint aluminum siding every five years.
  • Every three to seven years repaint wooden homes at least once.
  • Stucco requires a touchup after five years or so. If painting projects are performed properly, they may last for over a decade.
  • Pain fiberboard once every 10 years or so.
  • Bricks don’t require painting, they just need to be cleaned. If you want to paint your bricks, ensure excellent results with the help of professionals.

6 Mistakes that need to be avoided

Apart from knowing the answer to “when is the best time to paint the exterior of a house?”, you’ll want to avoid mistakes that can ruin your exterior painting project.

1. Painting Beyond Acceptable Temperature Range

Attempting exterior painting when it’s extremely hot can lead to blisters and bubbles in the paint. Moreover, peeling or cracking can happen once the paint dries up.

Getting your home exterior painted in the middle of winter isn’t ideal either. The paint will not cure properly. Furthermore, painting in cold weather affects the paint’s lifespan.

For example, oil-based paint thickens during cold weather. As the paintbrush stiffens, paint application also thickens, and there’s less coverage.

Given that paint dries slower in cold temperatures, surfaces remain wet. Hence, dirt, bugs, and other unwanted elements might stick to the paint.

3. Painting on Wet Surfaces

While this sounds obvious, some homeowners still make this mistake. Do not paint on rainy days.

Make sure the surfaces you’re planning to paint are dry enough. This is particularly important if you’re aiming for an even application.

4. Rushing Through the Painting Job

Not taking time when painting the exterior of a house will result in several mistakes. You might just be wasting your time, money, and other resources.

Thus, be patient to get better results. You might also want to let professionals like us at Peach Painting do the job for you.

From our well-trained team to our color recommendations and top-notch paint materials, you can expect the best exterior house painting that you and your property deserve.

5. Not Using Primer

This is one of the primary mistakes, especially for beginners. They want to save time or money when painting the house exterior.

However, you should use a primer to prepare unpainted wood. This way, you can have a cleaner and smoother finish.

6. Applying the Wrong Paint

Another mistake that novices often make is using the wrong paint. Color may be an important factor, but you should also select a paint that is suitable for exterior use.

For example, acrylic latex is known for its durability. Compared to other types of paint, it can withstand various elements way longer, although it’s also on the pricier side.

Choosing the Right Exterior Paint for Your Needs

Selecting the best type of paint for your home exterior depends on several factors. These include your style, needs, and local climate. Forbes highlighted the three major types of paint formulas, namely latex, acrylic, and oil-based paint.


Latex is a relatively affordable option for exterior paint. Since it’s water-based, you can easily apply it. It also dries fast.

When in warm temperatures, these paints expand. Meanwhile, they contract in cool temperatures. Cleaning up is also convenient with latex paints.


Acrylic paints are thick and durable. Chemical-based paints of this type are also elastic.

This means that they’ll contract and expand while temperatures drop. Given their elasticity, they’re suitable for exterior painting.

Acrylic exterior paints are suitable for siding made from aluminum, fiber cement, and wood. They’re also great for drywall, plaster, and stucco.

Oil-based Paint

Several states have regulated the use of oil-based paints as they have toxic fumes that can be dangerous to the painter. However, you can still use them for outdoor painting where ventilation is present.

Compared to latex-based paints, they hold up well in high-traffic places. They also glide on more smoothly.

Oil-based paints are suitable for porch floors, trim, and doors. However, they tend to crack faster than acrylic and latex paints.

Moreover, cleaning is more difficult as they’re made from oil instead of water.

Doing the Prep Work the Right Way

Want to get the best results when getting your house exterior painted? Make sure that whoever you hire does the prep work correctly.

This means that they’ll have to keep the surface clean before applying the paint. They may have to sand some surfaces down to make sure the paint adheres well.

Here are the methods of preparing an area for a painting job:

  1. Clean the walls. Use soap and water to scrub them down.
  2. Take care of the rough edges. Remove parts where the paint is peeling.
  3. Fill gaps, holes, and wall cracks.
  4. Sand the surface if needed to keep it even.
  5. Prime the walls. Pick a light-colored primer or something that will complement the paint color that’s going to be used. Primer is particularly important if you’re changing the color of the house exterior frequently.
  6. Start painting your house exterior.

Perks of Getting a Professional Paint Contractor

Painting the exterior of your house is more complicated than you think. Messing up might mean compromising your safety and even your property.

Meanwhile, working with a professional and reliable paint contractor like Peach Painting offers several benefits. These include fast and stress-free processes, cutting-edge equipment, and excellent results.

Professional painters have the right skills, tools, and techniques to make every exterior painting project a breeze. They can also share new ideas that will help elevate the look of your home’s exterior.

At Peach Painting, we prioritize our client’s satisfaction. Since 2015, we’ve been providing top-quality painting services to Florida residents.

We’re also fully licensed and insured, giving you the confidence that your home is well-protected. As a local and family-owned and operated painting contractor, Peach Painting treats each painting job like it’s our own.

From our highly skilled and dedicated painting crew to our five-year warranty, you can expect unparalleled painting service from us.

Final Thoughts

Early summer and early fall are usually the best time to paint the exterior of a house. Choose days when rain and temperature fluctuations from day to night are minimal.

You should also avoid common mistakes, like not applying primer, painting when it’s wet outside, and painting outside acceptable temperature ranges. To experience the best results, hire a reputable painting contractor like Peach Painting. Call us today for a free quote.


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